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 I am Ricardo M. Salas. A presenter and analyst from México with a Master's degree in Public Policy from the Hertie School of Governance of Berlin, Germany.​​

I am a journalist by training and have worked as a news presenter, analyst and translator for the media in its various formats.  I specialize in conducting live interviews and moderating debates of all kinds and topics. Ranging from foreign and political affairs, up to my all time passion – music, in all its formats. 


I currently host the show Xponente, a weekly show on entrepreneurship and business. I also write a weekly column for Telokwento, and serve as analyst for various media outlets, commenting on all things of public interest. 

My work revolves around being a television and radio presenter, mainly as a newscast host. During my experience in the media I've had the privilege of covering live events and breaking news of international relevance, done live translations of speeches and press press conferences of all sorts.

During this time I've also had the privilege of interviewing people of public interest, ranging from artists and thinkers, to public servants and scientists. You can watch some of my interviews right here.  



Radio | podcast

I have also worked as radio host in different sorts of programs. I was co-host and collaborator of Xponente, a weekly emission on entrepreneurship and innovations within the Startup community in México and Latinamerica. I was also host for several research sections, including 'Encounter With The Truth' (El Encuentro con la Verdad), a weekly section in Pascal Beltrán del Río's national newscast, in which we debunked controversial topics with facts and unexpected truths. Currently I still collaborate as an analyst for the media and as a voice-over artist.  

Encounter With the Truth - Ricardo Salas on Imagen Radio
Merkel's visit to Latinamerica (June 2017) - Ricardo Salas on Imagen Radio

Online / print

Iran Unveiled

This is an extensive chronicle of a 12-day trip to Iran in the midst of the re-imposition of sanctions on the Islamic Republic by the Trump administration. It features world-class photos by Iñigo-Diego Fernández and interviews with a wide array of characters who gave their views on a country which is now back in the spotlight. 





Ricardo M. Salas – 

Miguel Hidalgo

CDMX, México. 11590

Tel: +5215541853149


Social Media: @segunricardo

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Ingrid Barrera and Ricardo Salas
Ingrid Barrera and Ricardo Salas
José Luis Ayala and Ricardo Salas
José Luis Ayala and Ricardo Salas